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model: BL1028HV
size: 40X21X38mm(1.57"x0.8"x1. 5")
weight: 82g
Operating Voltage: 5.0V /6.0V /7.4V /8.4V
stand-by current: 44mA
Working rate: 0.11sec. 60° /0.1sec. 60° /0.09sec.60°
Stall Torque: 9kg. cm /12kg. cm/ 14kg. cm/ 1 6kg. cm
Maximum stall torque: 20kg. cm /25kg. cm/ 31kg. cm/ 35kg. cm
Stall current: 1.8A/2.5A/2. 7A/3.5A
Waterproof performance: IP67
Dead Bandwidth: <1uSec
work plan: 40° /单边脉冲行程400us
电位器类型: 方型高精密间接驱动
高精密滚动轴承: MR106
齿轮材料: 金属
连接线长度: 290mum
工作温度: -20C~+60C


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